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Wiper Blade Replacement Keeps You Safe

Wiper Blade Replacement Keeps You Safe

Did you get rained on all summer in Las Vegas?  As one of our rainiest summer’s yet, many of our customers learned about the value of having high-quality wiper blades on their cars.  Nevertheless, we were surprised to learn that many of our customers did not understand the various ways that wiper blades in good condition can keep you safe.

At Leavitt’s Auto Care, we strive to help our customers drive safely by giving them the affordable and top-notch mechanical services they need.  This means educating our customers as well as making repairs to their vehicles.  When you need advice or repairs, we are here to help at our Las Vegas location.

Wiper blade maintenance

When it is dusty outside, bits of sand and dirt get trapped behind wiper blades.  Then, when it starts to get moist, the particles in the wiper blades can get gritty; causing the wiper blade plastics to get scrapped up.  This can cause your wiper blades to deteriorate faster than usual and become less effective during a storm.  However, the solution is to have them regularly checked by a mechanic.  If the wiper blades are showing signs of wear-and-tear, have them replaced.

How wiper blades increase safety

According to top driving safety experts, the key to driving well during a storm is to see and be seen.  This means having good headlights, but it also indicates that you will need a clean windshield that has as much water removed from it as possible.  By and large, this entails having good wiper blades, but it also denotes a need for a good windshield cleaning fluid.

See clearly during the next Las Vegas storm

Whether you need windshield repairs, windshield cleaning fluid adjustments of refills or new wiper blades in Las Vegas, Leavitt’s Auto Care is here for you.  We are delighted to give all of our customers the best service through high-quality products, over 40 years of advice, and transparent pricing.  To get your car in the best shape possible, come visit us in person at 5359 South Decatur Boulevard or give us a call today.

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