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Is It Time for Tire Rotation?

Is It Time for Tire Rotation?

Unfortunately, many car owners do not understand the importance of rotating tires in Las Vegas. Due to local weather, climate and geographic conditions, having your tires rotated regularly is an important step to keeping you and your family safe.  Thankfully, getting this service is easy, and we are happy to help you keep your vehicle in good working order by inspecting your car to see if it is ready to have its tires rotated.

At Leavitt’s Auto Care, we take even minor repairs seriously because keeping the roads safe is important to us. With over 40 years in the business, we have a solid reputation in the community for our high-quality work at dependable prices. Whether we are rotating your tires, changing your oil, or replacing your car’s motor, we want to have a transparent relationship with you where you feel in control. To get started, give us a call or come visit us in Las Vegas.

Computers and tire rotation

Do you have a computer in your car? Chances are that if your car was manufactured after 1995, it is hooked into a computer. This computer will need to be checked and reconfigured by a mechanic in order to help you monitor your car through the dashboard. For instance, the wheels of your tire are most likely connected to a tire pressure monitoring system.

This computer system gives you an idea if you are losing pressure in one of your tires which can cause you to get low gas mileage.  When tires are rotated, a mechanic will need to readjust the tire pressure monitoring system with specialized equipment before you get back on the road.

Do you have the proper tools?

In some cases, people will decide to attempt to do their own tire rotation. On occasion, this can be done safely, but there is no way for most non-mechanics with a jack and a torque wrench to get the job done right every time.

In general, this is considered unsafe to do this task DIY because the margin for error is too high. Plus, if your car was manufactured after 2008, DIY will be impossible. To do tire rotation on a car made after 2008, a mechanic must have a scan tool that can reset the tire pressure monitoring system.

Get your tires rotated by the pros

When you need to get your car road-ready in Las Vegas by getting your tires rotated, Leavitt’s Auto Care is the place.  Our dedicated mechanics and technicians can answer all of your questions while giving you high-end service at affordable prices.  We are located at 5359 South Decatur Boulevard and thank you in advance for your business.

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