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Is An Electric Car Right For You?

Is An Electric Car Right For You?’

Electronic cars are only part of the emerging electric car market. This type of car has some advantages and disadvantages of owning. Anyone considering buying an electric car needs to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of owning one.

Advantages of owning an electric car 

Some of the reasons why someone would like to own an electric car could be never having to fill up at the pump again and environmental concerns. Never having to pull up to the pump to fill up again would save thousands of dollars a year in gas prices. Electric cars are environmentally friendly because they do not emit pollutants into the air. These cars do not require the same service of other cars. They do not require oil changes, transmission service or fuel exhaust services because they do not need these services. Tax breaks are another reason to own an electric car. Electric cars purchased after 2010 could give you a tax break of 7,500 dollars on your taxes.

Disadvantages of owning an electric car

Electric cars will only go if they are charged and have enough charge to make the trip. They can travel about one to two hundred miles before they need to be recharged. An average car that is powered by gasoline can go about three hundred miles before they need to fill up on gas. To acquire an eighty percent charge on an electric car it needs to be charged four to eight hours. Gas powered cars take very little time to fill up. This will need to be considered if you enjoy taking long trips. Charging stations to charge your car are harder to find than a gas station to fill up a standard car. You will need to research and find charging stations if you plan on traveling long distances. You will also need to consider the cost of a charging station at your home. These charging stations can cost about two thousand dollars to purchase. Acquiring insurance coverage is as simple as a gas powered car. Many of the same options are available with an electric car as with a gas powered car.

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