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5 Commonly Overlooked Auto Maintenance Items

5 Commonly Overlooked Auto Maintenance Items

Vehicles need to be serviced on a regular basis. There are five things that are overlooked on vehicle service checks. The five things that get overlooked often are wheel alignment, the air conditioning unit, power steering, transmission and brake fluid. These five things could cost you in the future if they go unnoticed and ignored on a vehicle.


Wheel Alignment 

Wheel alignment is important because it keeps the vehicle moving in a straight line. When the wheels are not aligned properly your vehicle will pull to the right or left. There are many disadvantages to having wheel alignment problems. Road surface tension is increased which requires the vehicles to use more gas and decreasing your gas mileage on trips. This means you will spend more at the pump and releasing more carbon into the environment. Unaligned tires wear much faster and will need to be replaced much sooner. Wheel alignments cost anywhere from 80-100 dollars.


Air Conditioning Unit

The air conditioning unit is one luxury that most people do not want to do without especially if you live in the south. Neglecting the air condition can lead to internal damage and possibly a complete breakdown. This situation can be easily avoided with proper service. Inspections usually cost 80-100 dollars. If the unit completely breaks down the cost rises to an average of 1000 dollars.


Power Steering

Power steering consists of an engine powered pump that lubes the steering controls with power steering fluid. This allows smooth turning of the wheel with ease. If the power steering fails this could cause difficult driving in the city. Steering complications could jeopardize your safety and the safety of other drivers.



The transmission is responsible for the gears changing properly in a vehicle. This is a very important part of the reliability of your vehicle and driving experience. The transmission contains thousands of parts and if it doesn’t work properly it could inhibit the gears to change or become difficult to change. This is a real safety concern for the driver and surrounding drivers. A complete check of the transmission is expensive but is not something you want to ignore.


Brake Fluid 

Brake fluid is essential for the brakes to work properly. The problems that can occur from low or no brake fluid could be a real safety concern. Low brake fluid causes you to apply the brake harder and wearing the brakes out faster. No brake fluid causes a malfunction in the breaking system and could result in brake failure. Brake failure can and will endanger the lives of other motorist on the road at the time of failure.

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