Why Do I Need Brake Service

Why Do I Need Brake Service?

Your vehicle’s brakes are imperative for the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and you (the driver). Picture yourself rolling down the street — as fast as 55 mph or as slow as 20 mph — and not being able to slow down in order to stop your car; that’s an accident just waiting to happen. Similarly, faulty brakes that underperform are hazardous, which is why brake service is a must.

A car’s brakes wear down and become faulty when they have been used extensively. Unless you don’t drive your car at all, it’s inevitable that it will need brake repair or replacement at some point. Your car’s brakes need servicing when:

  • There’s a slow response in between the time that you press on the brake pedal and the time that the car actually slows down before coming to a full stop. You should not have to mash down on your brakes like you’re trying to dig a hole in the floor in order for your car to stop. Healthy brakes will respond immediately and effectively to light – moderate force.
  • There’s a loud, unnatural screeching sound coming from your car whenever you brake. Brakes are not meant to make noise; they should respond quietly.
  • It feels as if the brakes are skipping during deceleration, and the pedal makes a clicking sound. Again, good brakes do not make noise, and the pedal responds smoothly.

To reduce how often brake service needs to be done, you must avoid “mashing” your brakes aggressively. Try not to drive too close behind the vehicle in front of you. This may sound like common sense and unrelated to brake-care, but the closer you drive to the car in front of you the less time you’ll have to bring your car to a full stop in the event of the preceding car stopping suddenly. Don’t wait until the last minute to brake; rapid and forceful braking will only wear down the brake pads quicker than necessary.

Taking your car for routinely scheduled maintenance, and pressing on the brake pedal with lenient force will help keep your car’s brakes in good shape for a longer period of time.