Troubleshooting a Car with the Cheapest Repairs First

When your car or truck breaks down, your first feeling is one of dread.  Not only will you be without a vehicle for an indeterminable period of time, but you will also not know how much repairing it will cost.  However, not all mechanics troubleshoot in the same way, and you will find that mechanics that attempt to fix the cheapest repairs first give you a lower repair bill in the end.  To get an understanding of these types of repairs, we have listed a few of the most common below.

Avoid the roadside estimate

troubleshooting-a-carOne of the first questions you will want to ask a mechanic when they come to tow your car is how much it is all going to cost.  Even if they decide to give you an estimate, few can truly diagnose the issue without having their computer readers available.  Once the car is in the mechanics’ shop, they can use the computer readers to get the best diagnosis.  From there, repairs can be relegated based on most expensive to least inexpensive.  Most mechanics will read your vehicle’s computer for free and then allow you to decide which repairs you can afford.

Testing the testable components

When a vehicle breaks down, there are various repairs that are quick, cheap, and easy to fix.  For example, if the computer reading says you have an electrical problem, the cheapest way to approach that issue is to test the battery.  If the battery is not working, replacing it can be cheaper than replacing the entire electrical system of your car.

Other cheap fixes for vehicles

After repairs are done to your vehicle, you will see that certain parts listed are fairly cheap.  In particular, changing the oil, having the tires rotated, changing the fuses, and switching out filters can help a car to start again without costing you a great deal of money.  If these cheap and easy fixes do not work, that is when you can expect to start paying more for your vehicle repairs.

Get transparent mechanic repair pricing with us

If you want honest and direct pricing for your next car repair, give us a call.  We are happy to discuss all repairs before we do them, and we look forward to seeing you back on the road.  Our dependable services, years of experience in fixing cars, vans, and trucks, and skilled staff means that you save money. To get started, visit Leavitt’s Auto Care or contact us today.