Preparing for Winter Holiday Traveling

Preparing for Winter Holiday Traveling

Traveling during the winter holidays can be an anxiety builder for many people. Without a doubt, you want to make sure that you reach your destination in one piece without having your vehicle breakdown. This can be especially difficult to do when you are traveling through the mountains or in unfamiliar territory. On top of that, winter weather can add its own set of issues for your vehicle.

Save yourself stress with a pre-trip vehicle check

There is nothing worse than having your car break down in a city that you were unfamiliar with during the holidays.  Namely, finding a mechanic is difficult because most take off work during this time. One of the best ways to prevent your vehicle from breaking down is to have it thoroughly inspected before you leave. This means taking your car to a mechanic and having them run tests. Once the tests are performed, you can order any necessary parts to have the issues fixed.

Save money on gas with a tuneup

One of the crippling costs of traveling during the holidays is paying for gas. Malfunctioning car parts can create a significant drag on the vehicle’s mileage, and this quickly adds up.  Instead of dreading each time that you go to the gas station, you can get a tuneup that will potentially save you money on gas.

Increase the safety of your trip

If you are expecting to arrive safely to your winter holiday destination, ensuring that your vehicle is up to snuff is going to be a top priority. In some cases, this goes beyond a tuneup and involves getting a set of snow chains for your tires. This is particularly true if you are traveling through mountain regions during snowy weather. With this kind of weather in mind, it also pays to have extra attention placed on windshield wiper fluid, headlamps, power steering fluid, and brake performance.

Let Leavitt’s Auto Care make your holiday travels less stressful

Driving for the holidays will have its own set of stressors apart from worrying about the integrity of your car.  To ensure you have the most reliable vehicle possible, stop in to see us.  We will give you tips you need to drive during winter storms in addition to making your car run optimally.  From tires to repairs, we have the dependable experience you need to make your winter holiday trip as worry-free as possible.