Pollution and Your Vehicle

Pollution and Smog Checks

If you live in a state that requires an annual smog check and registration, you can make the procedure a smooth one Prevention is always the best alternative if you want to save money and time, make sure to get any work done on your vehicle it needs before getting the required tests. You can take your vehicle to your chosen mechanic to get it evaluated, then you will know exactly what is needs prior to the smog test.

In addition, it is a simple matter to keep your vehicle maintained. Paying attention to the way your auto sounds, feels and looks, along with checking lights, such as an oil light, are all part of maintaining the car.

With emissions testing, the check engine light must work and the inspection is good for 90 days. The Department of Motor Vehicles has no grace period, and you will not be able to register without the testing having been done.

Also, you need to make a note on the calendar to get the auto checked, about 2 months prior to the smog test, after seeing your mechanic. Get any upkeep the auto needs done, and do any repairs while you can still pay without having the cost hitting you all at once. Keeping the car running safe is most important. Having to go back for the test again is not something that every driver wants to do.

Fortunately, you can look around for a smog check kit, and find a real bargain. Just do it way before the test comes up, and allow about $40 for one. That is max, and you can save money by using a coupon as well. Moreover, if you have a newer auto, check for rebates, recalls and guarantees on your car. These can be absolutely free with some vehicles.