Get a New Car Smell with Cabin Air Filters

Get a New Car Smell with Cabin Air Filters

Having your car detailed periodically keeps the leather seats looking new, but what about addressing the smell of your car without masking it with chemical perfumes?  Some car owners will search for that “new car smell” for years without fully understanding the components that produce it.  Worse, a ghost smell from an accident where the car was soiled never seems to go away — despite hosing the interior of the vehicle with sterilizing agents.  However, there is one way to reset the scent and improve the healthy air in your car that requires the help of a mechanic.

Changing the cabin’s air filter

Your vehicle has an air filter that is associated with the motor.  It also has a separate air filter for the inside of the car where you sit.  This is referred to as the cabin air filter, and it can be altered and improved.  It also needs to be changed periodically.  One of the main advantages of changing the cabin air filter is to improve the scent of the vehicle’s interior.  For instance, if you buy a car from a person that smoked cigarettes with the windows up, changing the cabin air filter can be the final frontier for finally getting rid of the stale cigarette smoke smell.

Other reasons for cabin air filter changes

Collecting and redistributing bad smells is a problem that can occur when your cabin air filter is too old.  In addition, its main purpose is to filter and clean the air in the car.  This can include gathering dust particles as well as allergens.  With this in mind, if you have severe allergy problems that seem to blossom before and after you drive to work, the cabin air filter may be the culprit.

Improving cabin air filters

Just like the air filters in your home, you can get upgrades for some models of cabin air filters for cars.  While there will always be some restrictions, if your car model has filter upgrades available, the switch can transform your driving experience.  This also helps improve your odds of selling your vehicle to a new buyer.

Get rid of your rearview mirror pine trees with us

Do you think that a new cabin air filter could be the solution you need for reducing allergies, improving the smell, or an advantage to selling your vehicle?  At Leavitt’s Auto Care, we are happy to help you with cabin air filter changes.  To get rid of those pine tree air fresheners dangling around your rearview mirror once and for all, contact us or visit our location today.