Is your air conditioner running hot?

Is the cool air made by your air conditioner hot?

Imagine sweat dripping from your forehead into your eyes, and your shirt is soaked with perspiration. As if that were not enough, your shorts and other garments are almost equally as moist. You are driving at top speed on a 500 mile trip, just to keep the hot wind blowing in the car so as to cool you off. Even that breeze stops working when you must move slower. If only you had gotten the air conditioner recharged!

So much for summer warmth, going on a vacation and saving money by not fixing the air conditioning. You and your passengers are all miserable from the heat in the vehicle, so stopping more often is taking much longer to reach your destination.

Indeed, you are halfway there, exhausted from the heat, and you must be careful not to get dehydrated. What can you do to make this trip enjoyable and safe for all? You decide to pull off at a reputable garage that cares for auto air conditioning.

Well, the serviceman explains how your car and its cooling system work. A little education is always a plus when wanting to understand why you need to charge your air conditioning. He asks when you used it last, if it felt like the expected cool breeze was almost warm air. This is an indicator that the car needs refrigerant, which is a liquid such as radiator coolant.

What is more, the refrigerant is especially for your car, designed to take warm air and turn it into that desired cool breeze. The cool air made by your air conditioner is hot air with scalding gases expelled during the procedure. The AC unit can have serious problems while still blowing cool air.

In fact, Freon used to be the refrigerant to use, but it hurts the ozone layer, and it is no longer made in the USA for that reason. R-134 is the refrigerant used on modern-day vehicles. What is more, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can help you in finding out if you need charged or emptied and recharged. A repair shop can do a complete investigation, with the correct tools, to see what is needed.

Also, one way to always be sure that the AC is up to par can be maintaining the unit to keep it running smoothly. It will not cost like it would if you had a problem.