How A Bad Paint Job Affects Auto Repair Costs

paint-jobAt first, it can seem like a strange idea to say auto repair costs can be related to a bad paint job, but the truth behind this connection will shock you.  More often than not, car owners will get a new paint job on a whim.  They decide to get the color changed, but do not realize how vital a paint job is to the vehicle parts that lie beneath the exterior.  To get a better understanding of how a bad or flaking paint job affects your vehicle’s performance in the long-term, take a look at our detailed explanation below.

What happens with a bad paint job

The unfortunate problem with a bad paint job is rust.  Even if you have a car that is mostly plastic, you will find there are still a few parts of the exterior made with metals.  A bad paint job means that the metal areas of your car are vulnerable to rust.  Sadly, few car owners realize that the corrosion of rust can have an adverse effect on the longevity of their vehicle.

How a bad paint job is exposed

Most of the time, you will find that you have a bad paint job months after the warranty expires.  Bad paint jobs are notorious for under-performing after being exposed to the sun for long periods of time.  They will also flake or crack if exposed to abrasives like road de-icing salts and sand.  Part of the reason for this is due to lack of heat treatment of the paint by post-factory car painters.  Metal car parts painted by the manufacturer will often have baked-on paints that are similar to ceramic enamel techniques.

How rust kills cars from the outside

When rust starts taking over the exterior of your car, it leaves the undersides of the car exposed.  This means that sensors from computers or the connecting wires can start to corrode or malfunction due to exposure to the weather.  Corrosion in this area could mean that you can start to have problems opening and closing windows or doors.  Rust on the hood from a bad paint job means that areas of your engine bay can start to get flooded every time it rains.

Get your bad paint job corrected with us

To get rid of the damage done by corrosion and get a good paint job on the exterior of your car, come to us.  We can help you restore your vehicle, and we know where to get your car exterior painted for beauty and performance.  To get started, contact us at Leavitt’s Auto Care.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and we thank you for choosing us.