Avoiding Costly Repairs By Choosing The Right Mechanic

Hanging on to your hard earned money can be a real challenge when you are constantly paying for car repairs.  Unfortunately, not all car repair shops operate the same — and that can cost you.  You need a vehicle to go to work, run errands, and drive your family to all the places they need to go.  What you do not need is a car that is always in the shop or parked on the curb because the repairs are so expensive that you do not have money to put gas in the tank.  To get a better understanding of how licensed technicians can help you keep money in your pocket and your car on the road, keep reading.

Using modern equipment to fix your car

Many cars these days rely on a computer to diagnose and fix problems.  A car shop that does not have computer readers is not going to be the best for repairing your vehicle.  In addition, the auto mechanics need to use up-to-date car repair tools to perform the best maintenance and repairs.

Transparent pricing and servicing

If you have been burned in the past by mechanics that do unnecessary work to pad their final bill, you will love our transparency.  If you would like to sit and watch us work, we are happy to do repairs and diagnostics within viewing range.  We can also help you prepare for your auto repair bill by quoting a general idea of the prices before we do the work.

Verifiable parts replacement

We want to ensure that you get the replacement parts you need for your vehicle without added stress.  For this reason, we take out the old part, show it to you if you want, and explain the damage.  The next step is to order a replacement part that fixes the problem — and gives you paperwork you can use at a later date.  For instance, if the part is defective due to the manufacturer (not the mechanic), you can re-order the part for free and regain your losses to the fullest. Using replacement parts from a certified parts dealer also ensures that you are protected from fraud as a customer.

Get car repairs you can trust

At Leavitt’s Auto Care, we take the time to show customers that we are there for them.  From ordering certifiable parts to using the latest equipment to avoid unnecessary repairs, we are the dependable team of certified technicians you need.  To find out more or get a better idea of how we can help you, contact us today.  We look forward to hearing from you, and you can also stop by our shop during business hours.