Avoiding Blowouts with Your Tires

Avoiding Blowouts with Your Tires

There is nothing worse than driving your car when you were in a hurry and suffering from a tire blowout. It is impossible to avoid every occurrence, but there are key ways to avoid a majority of tire blowouts.  Leavitt’s Auto Care has been around for decades, and we are familiar with signs that your tires will have blowout issues in the near future. This is especially important because tire blowouts are related to traffic accidents, serious injuries, and fatalities.

Checking tires during temperature changes

Having your tires rotated and checked on a regular basis is going to be your best line of defense against tire blowouts. Regardless, there are plenty of ways to do some of this preventative work yourself. In particular, when the weather shifts dramatically, take a look at your tires. For instance, when it is cold outside, it can cause your tires to become under-inflated. This is especially true if your tires are reaching their expiration date. If you drive on tires that are under-inflated for extended periods of time, you can guarantee that they will blowout.

Get a tire pressure gauge

When you are inflating or checking your tires, use a pressure gauge to get critical information about your tires. While they may look perfectly fine, there is a chance that the pressure gauge can give you a better understanding than what you see. If you notice that your tires are chronically below par, it is time to have a professional look at them. Chronically low tire pressure could be a sign that there is a structural problem with your tires.

Avoid erratic driving

Even the best set of tires can underperform if the driver is putting extra wear and tear on them. Hitting objects at high speeds, such as speed bumps, can cause the tires to weaken. Frequently slamming on the brakes at high speeds can also deteriorate tire integrity. Drivers should also attempt to avoid potholes that will damage tires and lead to blowouts. Along those lines, adding extra weight to your vehicle by pulling a trailer will put extra stress on your tires.

Visit us for tire replacement and inspection

Having faulty tires can put extra stress on the rest of your vehicle. In order to avoid tire blowouts and the expenditures related to having subpar tires on your vehicle, visit Leavitt’s Auto Care.  We will make sure that your car is fit for the road, and you will be able to ask any questions you have about keeping your car in good repair.