Timing Belt Repair

Your timing belt plays an absolutely vital role in keeping your engine running. These belts actually coordinate the turning of your camshafts and crankshafts in your vehicle to ensure that your valves and pistons push down on the cams in your camshaft at the exact right moment. Your vehicle cannot work without this precise timing, and your timing belt is a low cost but absolutely necessary way of keeping your engine running.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have their timing belts checked out until it’s too late. The failure of this part can cause your engine to come to a sudden and disastrous halt. This can be detrimental to your engine and its parts and will lead to several very expensive engine repairs. Periodic inspections and replacement of your timing belt will help avoid any serious car repair in Las Vegas.

To avoid needing engine repair in the Las Vegas sun after breaking down on the side of the road, make sure that your timing belt is fit to do its job. Here at Leavitt’s Auto Care, it is our job to ensure that every essential part of your car is in top shape, so give us a call.