Smog Repair

Many states don’t require their drivers to get smog checks before issuing vehicle registrations, but Nevada is not one of them. Whether you’re getting your first car registration or just renewing it legally required each year, you will need to have a smog check performed to make sure that your vehicle can legally be on the roads of Las Vegas

If your car passes the smog check, you should have no problem getting or renewing your vehicle’s registration. Unfortunately, not all vehicles pass this test the first time around. If your vehicle fails the smog test for some reason, we can diagnose and correct the issue. We understand how much of a hassle it can be to not be able to drive your car, so we provide the automotive repair that Las Vegas residents need to get their vehicles street legal.

Give us a call or stop by if it’s time for your vehicle to pass the smog check emissions test again. We’ll make sure that your car is ready for the road.