Check Engine Light Repair

Any auto mechanic who performs car repair in Las Vegas can tell you that the ‘Check Engine’ light should be taken very seriously. It is what alerts you that there may be a problem within your vehicle’s diagnostic system. Many people ignore this warning since the performance of a car may not excessively change at first, but this can lead to much larger problems down the road.

Your ‘Check Engine’ light might simply turn on if you happened to leave your gas cap loose, but sometimes, it can signal the need to find an auto repair shop that performs engine diagnosis in Las Vegas. You should schedule an appointment with a professional auto mechanic whenever your ‘Check Engine’ light comes on. Regardless of what triggered the light, the professionals at Leavitt’s Auto Care can handle the issue. In the state of Nevada you cannot register a vehicle that has a check engine light on. If your vehicle is due for registration you will want to have the have your vehicle repaired right away.

If your ‘Check Engine’ light has come on or is flashing, give us a call or stop by for an appointment.