Belts and Hoses Repair

The belts and hoses in your vehicle provide vital functions for your car. There are several belts in your car that may need replacing periodically, and unfortunately, the Las Vegas climate ensures that these belts usually have to be replaced before a manufacturer’s recommendation. Failing belts can cause a horrid burnt rubber smell, but the most obvious symptom is a high pitched squealing sound which cannot easily be ignored.

The hoses in your vehicle are also essential in the running of the automobile. A leak or other damage in these hoses can cause vital fluids to run straight out onto the ground. Most damaged hoses will cause your vehicle to run extremely hot. This can cause detrimental damage if it isn’t corrected quickly.

If you suspect damage to any of your vehicle’s hoses or belts, it is imperative that you visit us at Leavitt’s Auto Care. Ignoring these problems can cause somewhat minor issues like the loss of air conditioning, but it can also lead to your car overheating, losing power steering and several other disastrous outcomes.

Give us a call to set up an appointment for an inspection to make sure all of your belts and hoses are in top shape, or just stop by and see us today.