Battery Repair

Anyone who lives in Las Vegas knows that the heat can be absolutely brutal on anyone who steps out into the sun. Unfortunately for your vehicle, the heat is definitely not a friend to your car’s battery. Basic grade school science lets us know that heat causes water to evaporate, and this holds true for the water in your battery as well. This evaporation can actually damage the inside of your battery and lead to premature corrosion.

You may not think that the Las Vegas heat is detrimental to your battery, but the simple fact is that it can get up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit under your hood on a day that only reaches 90 degrees in the Vegas sun. If your battery is giving you any trouble, we can handle minor repairs that may be needed or even replace the part for you.

At Leavitt’s Auto Care, we want to make sure that your car stays on the road. Our technicians offer battery repair and replacements if the heat has finally gotten to it. Give us a call to set up an appointment or just stop by for an inspection.