Tune Ups

Just about everyone has heard about someone needing a tune up for their vehicle. Unfortunately, many people actually go the life of their car without getting the service performed. Sad to say, this life isn’t very long. Vital parts such as rotors, distributor caps, spark plugs and even your vehicle’s wires will break down over time. A tune up will replace all of these parts and keep your vehicle running smoothly, so it’s important for you to know the signs that you might need a tune up.

You’ll definitely need to seek out an auto repair service in Las Vegas if your vehicle is knocking or stalling. Hard starting is also a common sign of needing a tune up. One of the most obvious signs that this service is necessary is also one of the most worrisome for most drivers: rough idling. You may also experience ‘dieseling’. This occurs when your vehicle gives a few extra sputters after you’ve turned it off.

Leavitt’s Auto Care has the skilled and expert auto mechanics that your vehicle needs to run smoothly. Give us a call or just stop by for a low cost tune up that will help keep your ride as smooth as the day it pulled off the lot.