Oil Changes

If there is one auto service in Las Vegas that everyone knows is necessary, it is definitely the oil change. When you need an oil change in Las Vegas, Leavitt’s Auto Care is your one-stop-shop for complete engine protection. A routine oil change is necessary as oil is the lifeblood of an engine. It literally lubricates all of the parts within your engine so that friction isn’t created when your vehicle is running. Friction is detrimental within your engine; it can cause extreme heat which will expand, warp, seize and corrode its parts.

This obviously makes an oil change essential to the operation of a vehicle, but you may be wondering, why is an oil change needed? The answer is simple: oil breaks down over time. Oil catches contaminants within your engine and fights corrosion within your engines parts. Once the oil starts to break down, these beneficial effects eventually cease. This means you must perform an oil change at the scheduled maintenance intervals.

Having your oil changed on the schedule provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer is vital. Here at Leavitt’s Auto Care in Las Vegas, we include several services with your basic oil change, so give us a call or just stop in so we can keep your engine healthy.